So, I Guess I’m Writing a Book

Since 2015 I have had bits and pieces of a story for a novel unfolding in my imagination. Last year I started writing it down, but that didn’t last very long. This year it began to tug at me again. So it’s decided, I am writing a book. 

As soon as I say to myself, or in rare instances others, that I am writing a book, all the reasons I believe I will not be successful pop up. Just when I think I have heard all the reasons this is a bad idea my brain, with its endless creativity, throws a few more jabs my way.  

In part, this post is a declaration of my goal and intention. It’s also an introduction to a series on my journey of writing this book. I am going to call it the SIGIWAB Series (So, I Guess I’m Writing a Book). It has a ring to it; could really catch on. Life beyond shopping is meant to empower others to take on creative pursuits rather than only consuming. It seems appropriate that I would share what it’s like to tackle such a big project.

Trying something new can be very hard. I think the most difficult part is all the doubt brains like to spin up. Along the way, I will document my process including the tools I am using to achieve this goal. Most importantly I will disclose some of the automatic thoughts that have become stumbling blocks. 

As Carl Rogers said, “What’s most personal is most universal.” My discouraging thoughts, while difficult to experience, are not particularly unique. Some people think therapists have everything figured out. Regardless of my fancy degree, I still have a human brain and very much struggle. 

The thoughts I have are likely very similar to your thoughts when trying something new. I hope this series will help you start pursuing a goal or creative interest you have been putting off. Or, it might help you get unfrozen if you find yourself stuck along the way. And if it does none of those things, at least it will be suuuuper fun for me to publish on the internet all of my insecurities for everyone to see.

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