The Structure: Decide, Document, Declare

The Structure

For 5 years since learning about FITE I struggled to rein in my spending. Only after developing clear, unambiguous structure around shopping have I been able to experience financial sobriety. Here is a high level overview of the process I follow.


Each and every day I make a conscientious decision about shopping behaviors. I use the acronym WWWTF as a guideline for shopping (more on this in the next post). I also decide how I want to be in the world that day.


My shopping (or no shopping) plan for the day is recorded in a journal along with how I want to be in the world. This includes a gratitude practice, qualities to embody and valued behaviors to practice.


Basically, committing to the plan. I declare to myself and my higher power my commitment to follow my plan for that day . Eventually, I would like to have a support network of like minded individuals to commit to and turn towards for support.


This was a very brief introduction to the structure I follow, Decide, Document and Declare. The upcoming posts will go into each part with greater detail. The next post on Decide will include more on the acronym at the heart of this process, WWWTF.

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