This Will Solve All Your Problems


I know what other people are needing and what problems they are trying to solve without ever speaking to them. I know their struggles, hopes and dreams, and character flaws all with pretty high accuracy. It’s really not hard and you could do it too. This clairvoyance only occurs in particular locations though. All you have to do is follow some shoppers around a metaphysical store and read the little note cards describing the items they picked out:

Amethyst – Soothes irritability. Reduces stress, anxiety, and dispels rage. 

Lapis Lazuli – Boosts immune system and calms inflammation. Opens mind and brings enlightenment.

Black Tourmaline – Protection from negative energy. Grounding and cleansing. 

Misplaced Expectations

For those who are not into crystals it can seem really silly to believe a stone could have such transformative powers. Most of us are just as fanciful in our thinking though, it just usually isn’t as evident as it is with our new age friends. From the worldview I ascribe to it is delusional to think an external object can meaningfully fill an internal, emotional need aside from those that meet basic needs. [1]I am not judging anyone who uses crystals or saying no one should buy them. It was in a metaphysical shop that I came to the insight I am sharing now. Any object could be the subject of misplaced … Continue reading The next time you go shopping and feel drawn towards something, identify explicitly what you believe it is going to do for you:

“This outfit is going to make other people like me.”

“Bringing home this fitness equipment is going to make me workout for 30 minutes everyday. Then I will be skinny.” 

“Once I have this handbag I will be so happy! I will not want to buy any more handbags; my collection will be complete.”

“Having real art on my wall shows that I have good taste. Everyone who enters my living room will see how sophisticated I am with this new painting.”

“After this final indulgence of chocolate cake I will be satiated and commit to the discipline of banishing all dessert from my lips henceforth.” 

What You Really Need

After you have made your expectations clear, get out your journal and take it a step further, exploring the deeper, underlying need. What hole you are trying to fill when you feel a tug to buy that particular item?

“Once I lose weight using this treadmill, I will be worthy of love.”

“If I surround myself with expensive things I will no longer feel the pain of growing up in poverty. I will be good enough.”

Slow down and try this exercise, you might be surprised by the underlying motives. If only it were as easy as buying something to permanently soothe the negative beliefs you hold against yourself. In the end, you might follow through with the purchase. Maybe you won’t. But, you can make the choice based on an honest assessment of what you think that object is going to do for you and check how realistic those expectations are. 

“This pink rock will bring my true love into my life and we will live happily ever after.”


1 I am not judging anyone who uses crystals or saying no one should buy them. It was in a metaphysical shop that I came to the insight I am sharing now. Any object could be the subject of misplaced expectations.

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    1. Agreed 🙂
      Amongst other crystals, I have a hunk of tourmaline as big as my hand. If it does not protect me from negative energy or EMFs, it serves as a nice paperweight in case of a strong breeze, or in the most dire circumstances, a weapon of self-defense. Thank you for stopping by.

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