The Best Life Hack

Time has an odd way about it. I am baffled that January is almost over (where did the time go?!). And yet the New Year felt like it was three months ago. Perhaps it is this warp or how the quiet months of winter lend themselves to inner reflection, which has me contemplating the passing of time. 

It certainly seems as I age time moves quicker. Many of my older clients say the same thing. Learning from older people‚Äôs wisdom is one of the best life hacks, if you can get to the stage where you are willing to listen. 

When looking to adopt our second dog, my older sister told us not to get a beagle. Did we listen? Noooo. We love Monica and she is cute and all, but have you ever heard a beagle baying? Eesh. Then my husband and I told his younger sister not to get a second dog. Did she listen? Noooo. Friends and family are less open to watching two dogs when you go on vacation (especially when one of them bays.)

One thing I hear frequently from older clients is how they wish they had invested more. Many will say it was only the blink of an eye when time retirement came, but sadly, they did not have the financial means to stop working. It has been heartbreaking witnessing these individuals living through the regret of not saving for retirement. I wish for anyone to be spared from this pain. 

So, take heed. If you get a beagle, stock up on earplugs. Butter up your family and friends with baked goods a week before you ask them to watch your two dogs. And finally, invest early and often.

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